Prison Types

Prison types vary greatly depending on the location, but some of the common ones in the United States are as follows:

Juvenile Prisons – Juveniles prisons house minor inmates under the age of 18 and may be known as young offender institutes. Different counties, states, and cities may have varied ages as to which a person is considered a legal adult.

Fort Leavenworth Military Prison

Fort Leavenworth Military Prison

Military prisons – Military prisons may be used to house prisoners of war, unlawful combatants, individuals whose freedom is deemed a national security risk, or military persons found guilty of a serious crime.

Political Prisons – Political prisoners may be located in various penitentiaries and are typically people who are imprisoned for their political beliefs or actions.

Psychiatric Prisons – Psychiatric prisons confine mentally-ill inmates and inmates with mental disorders who have committed a crime and are considered dangerous to themselves or others.

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